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Arrival and Dismissal


  • Please send messages of any changes in the way your child is going home in writing and send in your child’s backpack. We do not accept changes in dismissal procedures over the phone (other than absolute emergencies).

  • If your child rides a bus, we understand that the transportation department are still working on the routes. We have been in contact with them regularly. We thank you for your patience.

  • No matter what time your child arrives on the school bus we will have breakfast available.
  • If a student stays on the bus in the evening, drivers can radio for support and students come back to school.

  • If you need to pick up a child early due to an emergency or an appointment, please do before 1:45pm. The office and the classrooms get busy after this time preparing for dismissal and this policy helps keep our students safe.

  • Our parking lot becomes a one-way route during drop off in the morning and dismissal in the evening. Please enter by the 711 and get in line waiting to be greeted by Bridge Clendenin staff.

  • We are happy to announce that your child receives P.E. and hands-on-science everyday! Ask them what they did today!





Dear Bridge and Clendenin Parents,

Bridge and Clendenin Elementary sets high expectations for our students with regard to academics, citizenship, & technology. We are committed to learning and teaching new skills that will give all of our students the tools to achieve.

A copy of the Strategic Plan for the upcoming school year is available in the office & on the Strategic Plan Link to the left of this page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Developing lifelong learners who value themselves and others, contribute to their community, and succeed in changing the world" is the mission of Clendenin Elementary.  The United Nations shares our educational goal of "Developing lifelong learners", and both organizations want to achieve this mission to improve the lives of students and their communities.


Vanessa Brown, Principal



Dear Bridge Clendenin Families,


It is such a pleasure to be the new principal at Bridge Clendenin Elementary School! I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning and growing together. I am excited to work with you and the amazing staff here in order to engage and empower all students that walk through our school doors each day.

Family means a great deal to me. Everything I do as an educator and every decision I make I consider the viewpoint of a parent. I am a parent of two wonderful kids and my kids are my number one priority.  I want you to know that while your children are here at this school your children are my number one priority.

A successful school is one that has a strong home and school connection. I believe that by working together we can meet all of your child’s academic, social and emotional needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas this school year.



Maggie Holley, Principal



Bridge & Clendenin Elementary News


  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Woodmen of America
  • Dominion Power
  • Myron Boggess and the Charleston Professional Firefighters
  • Debi O'dell
  • Backpack Blessings
  • Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church
  • Dr. Melanie Winnings and the Thomas Foundation
  • Nikki Haborak, Coastal Empire Beer Brewery, and Rotary Clubs of Georgia and West Virginia
  • Pastor Scott Means
  • Nancy Gibson and friends
  • Pastor Jessica Bennett and the Baldwin Memorial United Methodist Church Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Tina Stedola and friends
  • Garrett Burgess and the WVU Russian Club
  • WVU Faculty Senate
  • Mark and Sheila Burgess
  • Thrush and Clark
  • Christine Schimmel and the American Counseling Association
  • Kathy Slack
  • Lora Davis and friends
  • Trasie Morton and the Contractor Awareness Network at the Chemours Belle Plant
  • Pastor Scott Ferguson and the Clendenin United Methodist Church
  • Clendenin First Baptist Church
  • Elkview Baptist Church
  • Dairy Queen
  • Kanawha County Deputy Sherriff's Association
  • Special Occasions Unlimited
  • Jamie Bostic
  • Jennifer Mullins and  Taylar Gray
  • Elk Area Lyons Club
  • Allison McKey and Jefferson High School students
  • Treva Wild and family, and Myrtle Beach Coin Laundry
  • Doddridge County Schools
  • Boone County Schools psychologists and counselors
  • Sand Run Church
  • Kimberly Beckett and King Center staff
  • Stacy Lowe
  • Phillips Elementary School in Marietta, OH
  • Thirty-One Gifts representatives
  • Crown Catering
  • Columbia Transmission Station
  • Kara Bare
  • Dave Knight

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